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Hitler was financed by the Allied forces themselves, in particularly America. Type your question into Google, there are tens of books on the subject. Taxation and/or government bonds could never have been enough to finance a country in turmoil and still suffering ill effect of reparations and a failing economy. Ultimately private banks are the one who approve loans and printing of money (the government only authorize printing) Each $50 dollar bill probably cost the private bank $0.25 to print. Unfortunately there is no easy way to convince anyone of the truth on this matter, you have to dig it out yourself. Firstly I would advise you fully comprehend how the current monetary system works (monetized debt) that really it is the private banks who run our world. One of the most powerful private banking families in the world "The Rothchilds", who were German Jews, in part had emigrated to America and helped also with Hitler's funding. One of the earlier Rothchilds famous quotes was "Give me control of a country's currency, and I care not who writes it's laws."

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Q: Who financed Hitler's war machine before the start of the war?
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