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The North won and the South lost in both undeclared wars; US Civil War & Vietnam.

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North Vietnam

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Q: Who won the undeclared war of Vietnam?
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won the undeclared war in Vietnam?

The Veitnamese OR A+ - Communist forces

What country did you have an undeclared war with?

North Vietnam.

What are some examples of undeclared wars?

American Civil War & Vietnam War.

What is a conflicts example of the undeclared war?

US Civil War & Vietnam War are two examples.

What are the contrast between the Vietnam and the civil war?

Both were undeclared wars.

Was the draft used during Vietnam War legal?

No because it was an undeclared war.

Some of the undeclared wars in the US?

American Civil War 1861-1865. Vietnam War 1961-1975.

Who won the Vietnam war between US and Vietnam?

Who won the Vietnam war in the 20th century?

North Vietnam won the war.

What did Vietnam antiwar protesters believe?

The war was wrong. It never was a war, but a police action and men were drafted to fight in an illegal undeclared war.

What happened at the end of the Vietnam war?

The North won.

Who won the undecleared war in Vietnam?

Try not to get caught up in that debate. Nearly all people (scholars, instructors, teachers, historians, students, etc.) seem to forget that the American Civil War (US Civil War) was an "undeclared war" also. And nearly all those same people don't realize (or don't care) that the US hasn't fought a declared war since WWII. So an "undeclared" war doesn't really mean alot anymore...were still fighting them...undeclared or not. So why bring it up? Unless as mentioned above, people WRONGLY believe Vietnam was the only one, which it wasn't. Bottom line: People that mention "undeclared" war in Vietnam aren't informed people so why debate the subject. The Viet War was fought to preserve the RVN and stop communist aggression; LBJ said it many times on nation wide TV in the 1960s. So simple, some people have trouble understanding it.