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Clemenceau wanted Germany treated harshly so they were unable to invade again, they had already invaded twice in his life time (Franco Prussian war and ww1). he also wanted them punished harshly because it was what the people of France wanted and if he wanted to stay in office he would have to punish them harshly. Germany also caused a great deal of damage to Frances infrastructure, human life and economy.

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Clemenceau became French prime minister in 1917 when defeat in the war seemed a real possibility. He railed the country and led it to victory. France had the borne the brunt of the fighting on the Western Front. Much of the north-east France was devastated. The Germans had systematically looted areas under their occupation and deliberately destroyed mines, railways, factories and bridges during the retreat. The French expected Germany to pay for this destruction, and wanted to ensure that Germany could never invade France again. He wanted 0ver 600 billion pounds in reparations and felt that this could be justified by France's losses. France wanted the Rhineland to be Demilitarised so that Germany could not attack France.

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Because they said Germany was all the behind WWI. French and Great Britain wanted Germany to be punished. Germany was the main country who sparked the war all over Europe. Germany had to pay 31.5 billion dollars in 42 annual payments.

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The British wanted to punish the Germans because they attacked us because we helped Russia fight Bosnia because they attacked Serbia and we helped Serbia. The Serbians started the war they didn't like how they were being treated by the Bosnians.

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Q: Why did Britain want to punish Germany?
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Why would France and Britain want to punish Germany?

The wish was not to punish but to get reparation and require Germany to pay for damage and loss of life.

Who wanted to punish Germany for ww1?

France wanted to punish Germany the hardest. Britain didnt want to punish them bad they wanted germany to have a quick recover because they're a trading countrie. Hope that helps, One love Representing Triple Bezz 3B'z J.K sWeeTfEeT

Did the leaders want to punish Germany after World War 1?

The people that were left wanted to punish Germany

Which two countries wanted to punish Germany in ww1?

Britain, and mainly France

What naval ship did Britain and Germany want?

what naval ship did Britain and Germany want?

What two big four countries wanted to PUNISH Germany?

Great Britain, France, Russia, the USA entered in 1941

What is a major goal of France and great Britain at the conference of Versailles following world war 1?

to punish Germany. (boy did they learn their lesson. )

Was The Treaty of Versailles designed to punish Austria and Hungary?

No. It was designed to punish Germany .

How did the allies punish germany after World War 1?

punish by killing them

Did Germany want a general war?

Germany did want a general war. Germany wanted to become a dominant world power by replacing Britain, but they needed more colonies to do so.

Why did British want a strong Germany?

You need to give a very precise timespan to get a sensible answer to this question as there were also times when Britain did not want Germany to be powerful.

How did the us help the allies in World War I?

In World War I, USA helped Britain in the war however they joined in the war 1917 and didn't involve a lot that was part of the reason why they didn't want to punish Germany after World War I. They helped by supplying troops and armies.