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Many different things could be wrong. The cable could be bad even if it is newly purchased. What do you have the other end of the cable plugged into. Can you unplug the PS3 and verify that the connection works by plugging it into a PC or other ethernet capable device. Many people have though that the ethernet input on the computer was an output which would allow them to use the computer to provide internet for the PS3. Both My PS3 and PC ethernet cables are plugged into the back of my wireless router (for wired connection). The router also has an ethernet cable which is plugged into my cable modem. The router was purchased to allow two items to be connected to the cable modem, but the system will also work if you just unplug one device from the modem and plug in the other. Of course the first time you will have to do the set up for the internet connection.

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Q: A newly bought Ethernet cable that is connected to my PS3 did not connect to the internet and it just says IP Address Attempt Failed Whats wrong?
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