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No. Not unless the state of your health prevents you from being able to properly care for your child(ren), or you are in someway not using the drug(s) as prescribed.

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2017-03-14 17:17:32
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Q: Can custody be taken away from a mother who has to take prescription pain killers for a disease?
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Can father get temporary custody if you know the mother is abusing prescription drugs?

Maybe, see links below.

Is it considered irreparable harm if mother has prescription drug abuse problem is incarcerated in SC for me to get emergency custody of my children in KY?

If you are the father, the minute that the mother went to jail, you should have gotten custody of your children. If the mother (assuming she is the custodial parent) is incarcerated, then the non-custodial parent should file for an emergency hearing and get custody of the children. State lines are not as important as the welfare of the children.

Does the father get custody if the mother dies?

The father would be the favored person to get legal custody if the mother had custody and died unless he was found to be unfit to have custody.

The agreement between 2 parents is custody to mother but weekends for father if the mother dies who would get custody?

the father gets the custody of the child if the mother dies

Marriage when a mother has custody of adult but then adult get married who has custody wife or mother?


Who usually gets custody the mother or the father?

In most circumstances the mother gets primary custody.

Does the mother of a child always have custody?

No. Some fathers have custody.

Can a father who has joint physical custody of his son be granted sole physical custody if the mother is in jail?

Either parent can have physical custody in a joint custody arrangement. If there is a court order granting the mother physical custody the father should notify the court of the mother's incarceration and have that order modified unless he wants the mother to resume physical custody when she is released.

Does the birth mother have automatic custody if she and father are married?

No, although most courts favor custody to the mother.

If the father has custody but the mother raises the child can the mother get partial custody of the child?

If the mother is raising the child and the father has custody the mother should return to court and petition for custody and child support, especially if this is a matter of control. She should consult with an attorney or other legal advocate.

Can an underage mother win custody of her child back?

Even though the mother is underage she still has custody of her child as long as she does not do something to get custody taken away from her

How can you get custody of a child when the mother left the state they where living in with the child?

Normally child custody sides with the Mother not the Father.

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