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Yes . . .

Added: Yes, IF the minor has NOT been placed under arrest.

ALSO: The question is worded poorly. Even if the juvenile is under arrest, the police do NOT need the parent's "permission" to be allowed to interview/question the minor. There is no legal requirment that the parent be present during questioning ONLY that the parent be NOTIFIED that the juvenile is in custody and is entitled to legal counsel.

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Q: Can police interview a minor about a crime without parent permission?
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Can police drug test a minor without parent's permission?

Hell yea, dey did me

Can police talk to a minor without parent permission?

Well police are normal people so yes they can talk to minors.

Can a police office remove a child from school without parent permission?

Yes, if they have a justifiable cause.

Can police interview a minor without a parent while in custdy?

no ---------- Yes, the police can question a minor without parents being present. However, you can refuse to answer questions without a lawyer present.

Is a parent legally bound to file a police report if a 17yr leaves home without permission?

Specifically in Florida?

What can a parent do if a underage teen moves out without permission?

Report them to the police as a runaway. Until they reach the age of 18, they are the responsibility of the parents.

Can a police officer search a minor's car without permission of a parent in the state of Nebraska?

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Can a police officer search a 14 year old child without permission or consent from a parent for trespassing?

Yes, it can be for their own safety as well as other reasons. A person in custody, minor or adult, must be searched before they are booked. Seeing an officer does not need permission from a parent to arrest their child, a search without the parent's permission would coincide.

Can a 12 year old be questioned by a resource officer at school without a parent present?

This depends on the state where the interview takes place. In some states, police can interview juveniles without a parent or advocate present. In cases where a parent is suspected of criminal misconduct, a court-appointed advocate is usually present to protect the child's interests.

In kansas can police without a kid about a crime without a parent?

What are you asking? Without a kid without a parent?

Could a minor be taking from school with out parent being informed?

can the police take a minor out of class with out parent permission ?

Can you leave your parents house at 17 without the police being able to make you go back in Missouri?

Not without your parent's permission. Until you reach the age of majority, they remain responsible for you.

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