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It depends on what type of custody agreement you have with the child's father. If there is visitation set in place and you have joint custody, you cannot move out of state without his permission.

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Q: Can you move out of state with child?
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Can I move out of state with my child?


Can your ex move your child out of state?

They can not move to a different state without getting your permission or a visitation order from a judge. If you object to your child being moved out of state then you can make them move back to the state.

Can a Noncustodial parent move out of state with a child?


If you are a unmarried mother can you take your child and move out of state?

can a umarried mother move her children out of state.

Can unwed woman move out of state with child?

If she has custody of the child, of course she can.

If the father of your child does not pay child support can you move to a different state with your child legally?

He is still the father with/without child support and has rights. Take him to court to get the child support and make arrangements for your move to a different state.

Can you remove a child from another state if you have joint custody?

No, you cannot move a child out of state if you have joint custody.

Does child support stop if both parents and child move out of the state?


What state did Abraham Lincoln move to as a young child?


Do you have to pay child support if you move to another state?


At what age can a minor female in the state of Florida move from her parents home and move in with her grandmother?

The legal age for a child to move out from their parents is 18 in the state of Florida. However, this can happen earlier if a child is emancipated by the courts.

Can a foster parent move to a new state with their foster child?

Foster children are generally placed through the state they reside in. Foster parents are certified through the state. So, no, unless there is a court ruling allowing the move, it is not legal to move to another state with a foster child.

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