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well yes but if platinum were to have new Pokemon or new movesthen youd have to take that Pokemon and Pokemon with new move out of your party.

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Q: Can you swap diamond and pearl Pokemon to Pokemon Platinum?
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How to swap Pokemon on diamond to sapphire by wifi?

you just can't

Pokemon Pearl how to get chikorita?

you can't. you just have to trade it with Pokemon emerald or other games that you can swap it with.

Who give you mew in Pokemon Pearl?

you can not get mew in Pokemon pearl unless you use the action replay cards or swap it over a GBA card.

What level does Manaphy learn heart swap on Pokemon Diamond?

At Level 76

What is the code to get a Level 100 Mewtwo that knows Aura Sphere Guard Swap Power Swap and Psycho Cut on Pokemon platinum?

== ==

Will anyone trade you a Lugia in Pokemon diamond you have alot of Pokemon you will trade for it and you do not cheat you do GTS but if somone will trade with you we can privatly swap numbers and trade?

you cant privately swap numbers and trade but you can trade a Pokemon for a lugia

Is Pokemon perla fake because I got it at the swap-o-rama?

Pokemon Perla is either fake, or non-english. It should be Pokemon Pearl.

How do you swap Pokemon from emerald to pearl?

To swap, or migrate Pokemon from a Pokemon gameboy advanced game, such as emerald, you must first beat the elite four and see all of the Pokemon in the sinoh dex in Pearl or diamond. Then you go to the Pal park. Once you are, save and turn off. Make sure the gameboy advanced game is in the DS gamedoy slot.(this won't work with a DSi, since there's no gameboy advanced slot.) Start up your Pearl or Diamond, and at the start screen, select migrate from emerald, firered, ruby, etc,. Then go to the Pal Park and catch your Pokemon. Note-You can't migrate Pokemon that known HM's. If you still don't understand, just give me a message.

Where is the mining museum in pearl?

at the mining museum you can swap your fossils (witch you can dig up underground )for Pokemon.

What is Manaphy?

Manaphy is a legendary Pokemon that is very special. It is 80% water and its special move, only known by Manaphy, is called Heart Swap. To get a Manaphy it must be hatched and can't be caught in the wild. You can use an Action Replay to get it in Diamond or Pearl, but otherwise it must be received in Pokemon Ranger and transfered over to Diamond or Pearl. It cannot breed another Manaphy, but instead it will breed a Phione. Phione does NOT evolve into Manaphy!

How do you get Ho-oh on Pokemon pearl version?

you cant you need action replay or swap it from gold to sapphire/ruby then ruby/sapphire to pearl. so the games too expensive

Do you have Pokemon indigo do you want to swap with my PokΓ©mon?

There's no such thing as Pokemon: Indigo. Blue, on the other hand, indeed exists. The list of versions are as follows: Red Blue Green (Japan) Yellow Gold Silver Crystal Ruby Sapphire Emerald Fire Red Leaf Green Diamond Pearl Platinum Heart Gold Soul Silver Black White As for Pokemon indigo it is actually an online browser game by the name Unova RPG now. ~mimzy630

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