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Momo Hinamori grew up with Toshiro Hitsugaya and his grandmother. She and Toshiro are like siblings and love each other in that way only, contrary to popular belief. It is unknown if she has any blood relatives.

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Q: Does Momo Hinamori have family
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Does Momo hinamori become a captain?

NO Momo Hinamori never reaches the level of a captain.

What episode does momo hinamori die?

momo does not die but she is badly wounded by toshiro hitsugaya

Who is the fifth captain in bleach?

Momo Hinamori is acting captain .

When does Momo Hinamori come back in the anime Bleach?

around the 230's

What is the name of Momo Inamori's Zanpacto?

Harutora: Her name is Momo Hinamori and her zanpakto's name is Tobiume which means flying plum tree.

Who is Hitsugaya love in anime bleach?

He doesn't "love" anyone but he is close friends with Momo Hinamori and Rangiku Matsumoto.

Does hatsugaya love matsumoto?

No it's actually shown that Toshiro Hitsugaya is in love with Lieutenant of Squad 5 Momo Hinamori

Where was captain hitsugaya from?

He was from soul society and he lived with his grandmother and for a short period of time Momo Hinamori who he considers a very close friend

Does momo hinamori die?

Momo doesn't die. Hurt yes but not die. She regains her senses and stops for the most part, going crazy over Aizen.

Does momo love kira?

Yes, Hitsugaya likes Hinamori very much as a friend or sister but not in a romantic wayway

What Episode Does Hitsugayga Stab Momo?

Hitsugaya stabbed aizen but aizen was using his kyoka suigetsu and so instead of stabbing aizen he stabbed hinamori instead. episode 293

How does momo hinamori call her friends?

Momo is a childhood friend of Toshiro, I remember an episode the two of them are eating water melon then Toshiro spit the seeds on to her face :) they're quite close so she teases him Shiro-chan (maybe cos of his hair). So far... he's the only male character I can recall best who's closest to Momo. Gomen!!!!