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How were soldiers treated during the civil war.

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don't know

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Q: During the civil war how were soldiers treated different?
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During the civil war how were black soldiers treated different than white soldiers?

paid less did the same thing maybe even more but still paid less. heartbreaking

How were black soldiers treated differently then white soldiers during the civil war?

African American soldiers were treated way differently than white soldiers. They were paid less than white soldiers, and received fewer supplies. Blacks were not treated as equals among the ranks of the Union Army and were often teased.

How many soldiers were blinded during the civil war?

there were 10 blinded soldiers during the civil war

During the Civil War soldiers from the Southwark called Rebels?

Yes, during the civil war the soldiers from the south were called Rebels.

How were slaves in the south treated during the civil war?

they were treated bad

What were black soldiers called during the civil war?

Soldiers, you racist.

Where did soldiers live during the civil war?

the soldiers lived in camps.

What killed the most soldiers during the Civil War?

Dysentery killed most soldiers in the Civil War.

What did the soldiers do during the Civil War?


How were black solders treated differently from white solders during the Civil War?

The black soldiers were treated worse because they were given old guns that back fired at them, and some of the guns didn't even work. They were fired at the majority of the time by the Confederate soldiers.

Slaves during the Civil War?

Slaves during the civil war were treated very cruelly.

What were soldiers of the south called during the civil war?

They were called Rebels during the Civil War

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