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Invader Zim was first created by Jhonen Vasquez .

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Q: How did invader zim start?
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How do you bring back invader zim?

sign the petitions or start a petition to bring back invader zim

What games start with i?

invader zim game

Who is zim?

Zim from the cartoon series 'Invader Zim' is an alien invader from Irken .

What video games start with i?

invader zim game

What planet was invader Zim from?

Invader Zim was from the planet Irk .

Is invader zim a classic nicktoon?

Yes , Invader Zim is a classical cartoon .

What time does invader zim start?

Check your local TV schedule .

Who wrote the Invader zim tv show?

Jhonen Vasquez wrote Invader Zim.

What tv show is gir on?

Invader Zim. I recommend watching it before you start talking about how awesome Gir is, because people who are real fans of Invader Zim and Gir will hate you for that.

Is invader zim a boy or a girl?

Invader Zim is a male Irken. It's that pink shirt he always wears, it looks like a dress.

Is invader zim evil?

yes. you probabbly haven't ever watched invader zim if you do not know that.

Is invader zim funny?

Yes , Invader Zim is very amusing if you like dark humour .