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GIR is the robot on Invader Zim and is voiced by Rosearik Rikki Simons .

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Q: Who is the robot on Invader Zim?
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Who is the dog from invader zim?

Gir is the robot in the zippered dog suit .

Why do zim hates gir?

Gir , a SIR unit , likes Invader Zim as much as any robot can .

Who is zim?

Zim from the cartoon series 'Invader Zim' is an alien invader from Irken .

What is the show invader zim about?

The cartoon Invader Zim is about Zim who is an alien invader from the Irken empire who was banished (for destroying Irk) who along with his idiotic robot Gir, repeatedly attempt to take over the planet Earth . but at school he meets a large headed boy named Dib who knows Zim is an alien but everyone thinks he is crazy.

What planet was invader Zim from?

Invader Zim was from the planet Irk .

How did invader zim start?

Invader Zim was first created by Jhonen Vasquez .

Is invader zim a classic nicktoon?

Yes , Invader Zim is a classical cartoon .

Who wrote the Invader zim tv show?

Jhonen Vasquez wrote Invader Zim.

What is invader zim about?

"Invader Zim" (27 episodes) is a cartoon featuring the attempts of Irken invader Zim , along with his robot 'helper' Gir , to conquer the planet Earth . He encounters such characters as Dib who fancies himself as a "paranormal investigator and Dib's sister Gaz .

Is invader zim a boy or a girl?

Invader Zim is a male Irken. It's that pink shirt he always wears, it looks like a dress.

Is invader zim a alien or robot?

Zim is an alien from the planet Irk who has a robot named Gir .UPDATE: Like ZIM would say "I am a mighty lifeform from the Planet IRK". (yes ZIM would say that and he says it in the game Nicktoons: Gobs of Doom) and Gir is a S.I.R. unit that does not work very well.~RiddleGirl

Is invader zim evil?

yes. you probabbly haven't ever watched invader zim if you do not know that.