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Steam will automatically connect to the internet if there is a Internet connection available.

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Q: How do you connect Steam to your internet?
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How can i connect to steam's network?

plug in your ethernet cable, or connect to the internet in any other way, then you should be able to connect by opening the steam application.

Why doesn't Steam work?

It just tells me: "steam.exe (main exception) To run steam, you must first connect to the internet" When i am connected What can i do?

Why can't I connect to the Steam network so i can download Counter Strike?

Make sure your internet is working correctly. If it is, try reinstaling Steam.

Can you take a steam game off steam and install it onto an offline computer?

You must connect the offline computer to the internet when you run it for the first time. This allows Steam to check licensing

How can I play Left For Dead without having to use Steam. I mean that I have Bought LFD already and installed it but cant play it at school cos my sch's internet wont steam connect.?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the only way to play Left 4 Dead is with Steam. Without Steam you cannot even start up the game (believe me I've tried) and so you're totally at the mercy of your school's internet. Try going to a fast food chain or a motel with free internet. Your ping will be high, but at least you can connect to Steam and play some singleplayer.

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How do you connect to CSS non-steam jail server?

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