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Blissy can have more than 700hp but it has very low defense so it can take heavy damage.

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you can buy em

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Q: How many hp up are in Pokemon diamond?
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Pokemon Diamond Action Replay Cheat for 999 hp ups?

i dont know but look up 999 hp ups on google

In Pokemon Diamond or Pearl can using stat up items like HP Up get you EV points or are they different?

no i wish though

What does an HP UP in Pokemon do?

An HP UP increases the maximum number of HP (hitpoints) a Pokemon has. This allows it to absorb more damage from attacks before it faints.

What does hp up do?

The item Hp Up if used on a Pokemon will increase the maximum amount of health that Pokemon has currently so lets say your Pokemon has 20 HP use the Hp Up on it and now it may have up to 22 HP and this isn't temporary once you use the item it's Hp will remain 22 until of course you level it up or use another Hp Up.

In pokemon black how do you give your pokemon an hp up?

go to bag,go to medicines case,click on hp and give to pokemon.

How do you get more hp?

By leveling up your Pokemon

What is softboiled in Pokemon FireRed?

Softboiled is a move that allows a pokemon to restore half its hp

Can you use carbos zinc hp up protein iron or calcium on lv. 100 PokΓ©mon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

U CAN!! i have an arceas lv 100 and it still works

What is charcoal item in Pokemon Diamond?

The charcoal item in Pokemon Diamond powers up your attack by 20%.

In Pokemon Diamond what do you do with the up-grade?

You use it on a porygon and it will evolve.(Pokemon Diamond, Platinum, and Pearl only.

What is the highest hp of Pokemon?

The Highest amount of HP that the game can display is up to 999 HP. That amount is impossible to achieve by legit means, Blissey is the only pokemon with the highest HP stat that can reach up to 720, if trained right.

How do you get the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond for dsi?

By leveling up your Pokemon from eggs.