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None. Currently India has beaten Pakistan in all world cup encounters. The record stands at 5-0 in ODI World Cups and 3-0 in T20 World Cups.

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Sachin scored 48 ODI centuries

Matches Won - 33

Matches Lost - 13

Matches N/R - 1

Matches Tied - 1

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Q: How many matches did India lose against Pakistan in the world cup?
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When is India matches in icc world cup matches?

in 2015, India's first match was against pakistan on 15th feburary 2015

How many times has Pakistan beaten India in all world cup matches?

126, of which Pakistan has won 72 while India has won 50 (4 have been no result, 0 ties).

Have Pakistan won against India in world cup matches?

No Pakistan has never won against India.They have faced each other sever times.

How many times India defeated Pakistan in all cricket world cup?

India has defeated Pakistan 5 times in the world cup matches. Pakistan has never defeated India in world cup matches.

How many matches did Pakistan lose when saeed anwar scored century?

just one in 2003 world cup against india.

How many times have India won against Pakistan in world cup?

India have won four times against Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup.

What are the total one day international matches played by India and Pakistan?

India and Pakistan has faced each other in world cup for 7 times.India has always won.

Who scored maximum centuries in cricket world cup matches between Pakistan and India?

Pakistan=69 India=48 Pakistan have won way more matches in this rivalry. Source=Indian.Wikipedia

How many match did Bangladesh win in their first world cup?

Bangladesh won two matches in their first world cup.They won matches against Scotland and Pakistan.

How many cricket world cup matches has been played between India and Pakistan from 1975 to 2011?


What is the country name that has lost maximum matches in cricket World Cup?

India. - Team India has lost 12,489 matches internationally, mostly against Australia and Istanbul.

Have ever India lost any cricket match against Pakistan in world cup?