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56 Google servers are in India but if only server that would be 5

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Q: How many servers are there in INDIA?
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How many DNS root server in the world?

there are many hundreds of root DNS servers around the world . And there are 13 organisation responsible for the management of these servers . In India , there are three root servers located in Mumbai , Delhi and Chennai .References : -

How many servers does Microsoft have?

4 servers.

How many servers does Yahoo have?

to my knowledge there are 1500 servers

How many yahoo and gmail servers are there in India?

The number of gmail and yahoo users are huge in India. Being a developing country, most of the people are using mails here. The exact amount is not mentioned in any survey.

How many Google servers are there in India?

Google has around 1 million servers. The exact number of servers used by Google is still kept a secret. It is an assumption by experts based on the data processing capability and architecture used by Google to manage its data centers.

Where are Google servers in India?

Rather The Company Google India situated in Hyderabad and in Mumbai , are just the Branch offices by Google US ..The Google India Servers are situated there .But If You Look This Question About Where are the Google servers in Pakistan or in Small Countries like Nepal , bhutan , Iran where there are none Google branch offices .Then my answer will be , That There is no servers are situated in pak or in Nepal , but rather they are using the servers of originally From United States .

How many servers does it take to create a movie?

Servers to create a movie? As far as my knowledge its not possible. Servers can host movies not make them

What are the top ten newsgroup servers?

There are many newsgroup servers that can be considered in a top ten list of newsgroup servers. Some of these servers that are considered top ten are UseNetServer and Easynews.

How many main servers in the world and where are they?

There are approximately 500m servers in the world as of April 2010.

Where can one purchase used sun servers?

There are many places where one can purchase used sun servers. There are many used computer equipment sites on the web that offer these servers. One may also use eBay to purchase these servers.

How many web servers are there on a network?

Websites only need one server to function, however many have redundant servers or extra servers that handle certain aspects of the site. Most websites are hosted from server farms where there are hundreds of servers in operation.

What servers in Club Penguin are not taken by an army?

Many servers have already been claimed. Though, all safe chat servers except for 2 are unclaimed.