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Queen Victoria's son, King Edward VII, married Alexandra, daughter of the King of Denmark. Alexandra's sister Maria married Tsar Alexander III and Nicholas was their child.

Also, Queen Victoria's grandaughter Alix married Nicholas.

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Her grandfather, George V was a first cousin of Nicholas II, making him his great uncle.

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Because her father's father (George V) has a cousin (Nicholas II of Russia) that has a wife which is Empress Alexandra of Russia.

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Q: How was Britain's 19-century Queen Victoria related to czar nicholas ii of Russia?
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How was Britain's 19 century Queen Victoria related to czar nicholas ll of Russia?

Queen Victoria and Czar Nicholas II were distantly related through ancestry but through marriage Queen Victoria was the grandmother of Czar Nicholas II. Queen Victoria's granddaughter Alexandra (the daughter of Victoria's daughter Alice) married Czar Nicholas II in 1894.

How was king george v related to tsar nicholas 11?

They were cousins by birth and marriage. Alexandra's mother Alice was the sister of George's father Albert Edward. Alexandra married Tsar Nicholas II whose mother was the sister of Georges mother.

What connects George V Nicholas II and Wilhelm II?

Two of King George V's first cousins were Tsar Nicholas of Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm was the grandson of Queen Victoria, so was King George. Tsar Nicholas was the grandson of King Christian IX of Denmark, so was King George. So, the Kaiser and the Tsar were related to King George, but the Tsar was not as closely related to the Kaiser.

How were Wilhelm II and Nicholas II related?

They were first cousins. Both were grandchildren of Queen Victoria of England Queen Victoria's daughter Victoria, aka Vicky, was Kaiser Wilhelm's mother. Queen Victoria's son Edward VII was King George V's father. Queen Victoria's daughter Alice was the mother of Alexandra, wife of Czar Nicolas II. Nicholas II, himself, was not a descendant of Queen Victoria, however both of them (Nicholas II and Queen Victoria) were several generations descended from King George II of England. Kaiser Wilhelm and Czar Nicholas had a common ancestor in Paul I of Russian. Additionally, George V of England and Czar Nicholas II of Russia were first cousins through their mothers. George's mother, Alexandra of Denmark, and Nicholas' mother, Dagmar of Denmark, were sisters.

In which grade were related Kaiser Wilhelm II with Nicholas II of Russia?

They were first cousins through marriage. Kaiser Wilhelm II mother, Vicky, was a daughter of Queen Victoria of England. Nicholas II was not descended from Queen Victoria himself but his wife Alexandra was the daughter of Queen Victoria's daughter, Alice. They were also more distant cousins in blood because Paul I of Russia was great-great grandfather of both. Also both Kaiser Wilhelm and Czar Nicholas had a cousin in common- King Geoge V of England, however they were each related to him in different ways. Nicholas' mother, Dagmar of Denmark, and George's mother, Alexandra of Denmark, were sisters. George's father, Edward VII of England, and Wilhelm's mother, Vicky, were brother and sister - children of Queen Victoria.

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Why is Kaiser Williams ii important?

Kaiser Wilhem II was the leader of Germany during World War 1. He was related to George V of Britain and Nicholas II of Russia. His grandmother was Queen Victoria.

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