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yes, if the police become involved the parents can go to jail

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Q: Is the parents legally responsible of a sixteen year old if she leaves home?
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If a 17 year old leaves contact information and where they will be can parents still call them in to the police as a runaway?

Yes because they are still a minor, not an adult and are not legally responsible for themselves.

Are parents legally resonsible for a seventeen year old if she leaves home?


If my wife has a house in her name, only, and she dies am I responsible for the mortgage?

Only if your wife leaves the house to you as an inheritance are you legally responsible for her mortgage upon death.

Can a parent insist that an adult child leaves the family home?

They can tell them to leave. Once a child is an adult, usually age 18 depending on the state, the parents are no longer legally responsible for them. They can even charge them with trespassing if they don't leave.

In Georgia a judge made the statement that a 17-year-old could leave home but the parents would still be responsible for them until they reached 18 is this a law?

There is no explanation of why a seated judge would impart such information. There are not laws in any state that allow a minor to move from home and yet still hold the parents financially and legally responsible. That would be akin to saying someone is responsible for an arsonist burning down their home because they had matches on the premises. The legal age of majority in Georgia is 18. If a minor leaves home without parental consent the parents can have them returned to their custody by means of a court order. If the minor arbitrarily leaves the family home the parents are not obligated to support said minor nor could they be held legally responsible the minor's actions. You cannot be penalized by the law for something of which you had no control over. The judge may have meant that if a 17-year-old leaves home without parental permission, the parents should, for their own protection, petition the court to be relieved of their parental obligations.

What would happen if a sixteen year old leaves home in the state of ga?

They can be reported as a runaway. If the authorities find them, they will return them to their parents or to child protective services.

Will you be financially responsible for your daughter if she leaves home at sixteen without your consent?

ANSWER:: In the vast majority of the States in the USA the legal age to move without parental consent is age 18. Some States have special circumstances such as emancipation of a minor child under 18 which must be approved by the State court..If the minor has not been emancipated by the court and leaves without parental consent then you as a parent must report the minor to the police as a runaway otherwise you can be held legally,financiallyand criminally responsible for that minors actions..

Can a 17-year-old legally move out without parental consent in Oregon?

Not legally. What consequences might arise if the minor arbitrarily leaves the home depends upon what action his or her parents or guardian choose to take.

If a minor leaves and comes back a week later do the parents have to let that child back into the house or not?

The parents are responsible for the minor. They get to decide where they live. They have to provide shelter, but they don't have to do it in their own home.

Where can a 9-year-old find a good job?

no where legally but they could legally clean their room and do chores then be given an allowance by their parents. or you can sell homemade stuff, clean cars ,rack leaves or move the snow for people.

Are parents responsible for criminal actions of a child who leaves home at 17 years old in Ohio?

Yes, until all children are 18.

If an 18 year old leaves home and lives with someone else no college are parents responsible for her medical bills?

NOT in Illinois unless YOU signed doctor's authorization that you would be the responsible party for billing.

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