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No, there are no laws in Virginia that makes it illegal for a custodial parent to live with their boyfriend or girlfriend. If you feel you child is unsafe in this situation, you will have to pursue custody through the courts.

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Q: Is there a law against custodial parent living with boyfriend in the state of Virginia?
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Do you still have to pay support if custodial parents moves to another state and 19yr old pregnant child is here living with her boyfriend?

No since the girl is over 18.

Does noncustodial parent has to pay child support even if the child had dropped out of school and living with her boyfriend but not a custodial parent?

Yes, depending on state laws. But, a motion to modify can be presented to the court. see links

You are the custodial parent you are now living with your boyfriend If your court order were to be modified would his income effect the amount your children receive?

If you are living with someone who is not the childâ??s parent, they have no obligation to pay toward support of your child. If your live-in boyfriend pays toward shelter, clothing, food, or other items, the non-custodial parent paying support can try to petition the court for a decrease in support payments. It would be up to a judge, and it would depend whether or not the non-custodial parent can prove it. Every state has a formula setting a minimum amount of child support based on the financial resources of the parent, and takes into consideration other factors.

Can living with a custodial parent prevent the custodial parent from being awarded child support from the ex?

Not really the Judge will decide this matter for you.

How did the people of the Virginia make a living?

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Will the presence of a new boyfriend affect a custodial case?

If by "affect" it is meant will such a situation harm the case of the biological mother pertaining to custodial issues, the answer is a "maybe". Judges are concerned with the welfare of the child/children and nothing else. If the "new boyfriend" is a live-in then it could be a bearing on how the judge will rule, usually dependent upon the character and/or living environment. The majority of judges try to be fair when it pertains to such a situation, but it is not unheard of to get a biased judge who favors traditional values such as marriage.

In Texas can a custodial parent still file the child for income tax if the child has been living with non custodial parent for more than six months?


What is the web address of the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News Virginia?

The web address of the Virginia Living Museum is:

Is it against the law living with your boyfriend with your child from a previous marriage?

No but there could be a stipulation if you were trying to collect public assistance you may not be able to because if there's a man living in the house they'll assume he can support a child.

What are the Indiana laws for an 18 year old who is under full custody of the custodial parent due to a divorce about living with the non-custodial parent?

See links below

In the state of Georgia can a 17 year old move out if she is not living with the custodial or non custodial parent?

yes, but think twice and you'd have a guaranteed job to.or school to go

If a 21 year old full time student lives on their own is the custodial parent entitled to child support?

If the support order included a provision continuing support while the child was enrolled in college it does not matter where the child is living, as the support is to reimburse the custodial parent for the non custodial parents share of the child's expenses. If the child is attending school the custodial parent is likely still paying expenses for that child regardless of where they are living