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Calgary is a large city by area, with an area of 2700 sq. miles. The Bow River and Elbow river flow into Calgary; the Elbow river drains into the Bow river just outside of downtown Calgary. There are a lot of hills in Calgary. You can see the Rocky Mountains to the west on a clear day. Mean elevation is 4300 feet above sea level. The city itself is divided into four quadrants. Although the Calgary Tower is no longer the tallest building in Calgary, it is still one of its biggest landmarks.

There are over 500 miles of bicycle trails in Calgary.

Calgary is home to the largest logistics and distribution centres in Western Canada. Most of the major oil and gas companies have their head offices in Calgary.

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western Canada has lots of physical characteristics, a few are unicorns, butterfly's candy trolls and lots more.

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Q: Western Canada physical characteristics
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