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American Revolution

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The Gettysburg Address inspired the upheaval and tensions in French controlled Hispaniola.

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Rousseau's Social Contract

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Q: What document inspired the french revolution?
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Many leaders of the French Revolution were inspired by this American document?

The Constitution

Where they were inspired by the radical political and social upheaval of the French Revolution they were more socially conservative?

Romantics; Victorians

Did the French Revolution or American Revolution have a greater impact on the world?

I would say American Revolution because it was known as a 'world war' at that time. It also told countries that the 13 colonies were now known as the United Stated is America. The American Revolution had a greater impact. The French Revolution gained strength and motivation from the Americans. The US Constitution remains the oldest document that continues to maintain a democracy. I would agree as well. While the French Revolution seems to be more revered around the world, the fact remains that the French were highly inspired by the Americans' successful revolution less than ten years prior. The Americans showed that it was possible for the people to overtake a monarchy. Of course, the French fell victim to their own revolution as did the English and both restored monarchical-type rulers. The American Revolution remains singular in that it didn't fall into the hands of a dictator/tyrant/monarch.

What revolution can be compared with the french revolution?

The French Revolution is most likely to be compared to the American Revolution because the French peasants had gotten the idea of the American's Constitution and the idea of rebelling from the leader.

What event of the French Revolution occured first in the French Revolution?

The historical start of the French Revolution was the Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789.

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Many leaders of the French Revolution were inspired by this American document?

The Constitution

What was the American document that inspired many leaders of the french Revolution?

The Constitution of the United States

What revolution did the french inspired?

One revolution the French Revolution inspired was the Latin Revolutions such as the ones in Haiti and Mexico.

Mary Wollstonecraft was inspired by .?

the French Revolution

What inspired their action towards the french revolution?

The enlightenment period of independent thinking and the American Revolution inspired the French Revolution to begin and the editing/creating of the French constitution.

Who did the french became inspired by?

Before the French Revolution, the French were inspired by the Enlightenment Period as well as the American Revolution. The French Revolution lead to many changes in France's government and greatly changed their society.

What revolutions inspired leaders such as bolivar?

The United States of America and French revolution

What significant american event helped inspire the french revolution?

It was the American Revolution, and its success, that significantly inspired the French Revolution. The French Revolution lasted from 1789 to 1799.

What revolutionary movement inspired the french to rebel?

The American Revolution

What was the event in Europe which was inspired by the American Revolution in which the King was beheaded.?

It was the French Revolution because the French Revolution began in 1789 and eventually was inspired by the American Revolution. It became very radical and the King was eventually beheaded.

How did Americans react to the french revolution?

After hearing about the French Revolution, Americans began to celebrate and become extremely enthusiastic. They thought that they had inspired the French to go through with the French Revolution after they gained their independence from Britain.

How did the French revolution influence African slaves in France's Caribbean colonies?

It inspired them to launch their own political revolution.