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Q: What episode in h2o just add water does Bella keep sneezing?
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What episode in h20 just add water do Bella and will kiss?

yes they do :)

Which episodes of H2O Just Add Water have Bella songs?

The episode called To Have and Hold Back,when Sam and Don get married and Lewis leaves for a scholarship opportunity,has some of Bella's songs. She sings on the beach when they are getting married. It is really pretty.

Is h2o just add water cancelled?

I am a massive fan and never missed a episode and it wasn't cancelled Bella, Cleo, and Rikki had graduated from school and they were planing on only doing the three series'.

What is the last episode of h2o just add water?

The last episode of H2O:Just add water is season 3 episode 26 and it is called graduation.

What is the name of the actress who plays Bella - the new mermaid in H20?

Indiana evens plays Bella in H20: Just add water

What is the latest H2O Just Add Water episode?

the finale

Where can you watch H2O just add water season 2 episode 12?

Where can you watch the full episode of H2O just add water season 2 episode 47?

you can just go on the official site:

Where can you find H2O just add water season 3 episode 11?

On youtube. The episode is called 'Just A Girl at Heart' I think

What is a Bella bead necklace?

i guess your reffering to H2O just add water season 3 necklaces...the aqua colored bead on Bella's necklaces

Which H2O just add water episode is Charlotte's first appearance?

Season 2, episode 2: "Control"

When was the last episode of h20 just add water made?