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The line of questioning is slightly wrong.

Karmic law isn't based on any religion, faith, or tradition for it is a natural law which simply exists irrespectively!

Karma is a universal principle which states 'All action and reaction must be opposite and equal' or 'For every cause, there must be an effect'.

One might ask what science is gravity based on?!

Gravity is simply a natural law like karma and existed before its discovery by Sir Issac Newton and will continue to exist long into the future.

It would be correct to ask what religion has karma and dharma as its basis!!!

This is a more correct question!

The term 'Dharma' is of Sanskrit origin and is used in the Hindu tradition in reference to karma and reincarnation. Dharma also refers to the 'universal order of perfection throughout creation'. Dharma conveys a deep philosophical concept which includes Karma and is the basis of most Eastern philosophy, Religion and mystic practice.


The Hindu Religion has these two concepts as their basis.

Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and almost every other major religion throughout the world have these two concepts within its teachings although different terminolgy is used by their adherents.

I might add that modern science is discovering these ancient laws anew.

It appears the ancient rishis of India were thousands of years ahead of modern science in some respects!!!

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Q: What religion is Karma and Dharma based on?
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Where is Hinduism most practiced today?

Hinduism is an old religion based on the beliefs of karma and dharma. Hinduism is practiced through out India and is their dominant religion.

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Dharma Karma was created in 1997.

What is relationship between karma and dharma?

our actions is called karma, performing is dharma.

When was karma created?

Dharma Karma was created in 1997.

Does Karma and dharma have little reference to modern life?

No. Dharma is one's duty or calling in life; Karma is what you generate by your actions. Very relevant....

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= Hinduism believes in karma but karma does not mean rebirth. =

What is the relationship between Dharma Karma Samsara Moksha and the Caste System?

The relationship between Dharma Karma Samsara, Moksha and the Caste Systemis is the accepting of the doctrine of transmigration. It was the rebirth and the complementary of Karma.

How is karma dharma and ahimsa relate to achieving moksha?

If you follow your Dharma (righteous living) well. And practice ahimsa or Non Violence you will be rewarded for good karma.

What are the major beliefs or Hinduism?

major belief of Hinduism are Dharma (righteous living) Artha (material prosperity) Kāma (enjoyment) & Moksha (liberation).

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Karma, Dharma and Samsara

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