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you go to alzea forest use head butt on tree

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Q: What route do you find noctowl at?
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Do you find Noctowl or Hoothoot on Route 47?

Both! Noctowl appear in the grass and Hoothoot appear by headbutt.

Can you really catch Noctowl on Route 31 in HGSS?

Yes you can catch a Noctowl on Route 31 in the new games but you can only catch it on Route 31 in Pokémon SoulSilver. remember its only at night or afternoon:D

Do Noctowl appear in the Wild in HeartGold?

Yup. Noctowl can be caught by headbutting in Illex Forest or Viridian Forest, and in the grass on Route 14 at night. Also probably on Route 47 at night, but I think that's Hoothoot. If you know if it's Noctowl or Hoothoot on Route 47 at night, be sure to fix this answer. You need a membership to do so.

Are Noctowl really on Route 31 in Soul Silver or did the website mess up and really mean Hoothoot?

Yes, Noctowl can be found in Route 31 in "Pokémon SoulSilver" but it's not very common.

Do Noctowl appear on Route 47?

How come nobody knows the answer? Edit this answer if you DO know.

Where do you find noctowl in Pokemon Yellow?

Noctowl doesnt exist in Pokemon yellow, blue, or red

Where do you catch Noctowl in Pokemon Crystal?

On route 29, just after the first town, New Bark Town. You can only catch Noctowl at night though, that might be why you're having trouble.

Where do you find a noctowl in leafgreen?

I dont think you can.

Where to find a noctowl in diamond?

Go to Pastroria City and there's a Safari there and you can find HootHoots and they commonly evolve. If you are on the way to Snowpoint City there are rare pokoemon with Noctowl itself. Hope this helps >_-

How do you find a shiny noctowl easly?

Get a action replay and and go to codejunkies

Where can you get a shiny noctowl in Pokemon Soul Silver?

it depends the game you have, but if you have pearl or probably any other pokemon game go to the pokedex and look for the pokemon if you find it click on it and go to the part of the map there it tells you if its found or not

How do you find a shiny noctowl on Pokemon heart gold?

just run in the grass