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Q: What was the primary cause of decolonization in Africa and Asia?
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The decolonization of Africa and Asia took place as a consequence of World War 2?


Did the decolonization Africa and Asia takek place as a consequence of World War 2?


What are the primary export destinations for the petroleum produced in the North Africa and Southwest Asia?


What was one major consequence of decolonization in the 20th century?

Answer this question… European powers lost influence in African countries.

How many people will develop hepatoma in Africa and Asia?

In Africa and Asia, over 40 persons in 200,000 will develop hepatoma (more than 90% of cases of primary liver are HCC).

Describe decolonization and nation building in South and South East Asia after World War 2?

Brian Scalabrine

Which continents are at least partially in both eastern and the southern hemisphere?

Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica are.

Where are cobras found?

Asia and Africa

The Red Sea separates what two continents?

It separates Africa from Asia.

The Mediterranean Sea is bordered by what continents?

The three continents are Europe, Asia and Africa.

Is Japan in Africa or Asia?

Japan is in east Asia, not Africa.

What is largest Africa or Asia?

asia is lagest than africa