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There are many sports NGOs in India. Play and shine Foundation is an NGO located in maharashtra.

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Q: Where are ngo in India?
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How do you register a ngo in India?

An NGO is registered under the Societies Act in India after drafting a Memorandum of understanding.

What is the name of NGO groups in India working for global warming?

There is one called the Climate Change NGO in Pondicherry.

How many ngo in India?

There are More than 3.4 million registered NGOs in India.

From where do farmers obtain the inputs that they require in the villages of India?

from our politicians, and some NGO'S

What is the difference between Trust Act and Society Act for NGO registration in India?

i would like to know the difference between a trust and a society for an NGO? why is this in the dragon section?

List of Ngo working for climate change in India?

Greenpeace, Climate Action Network, IYCN

Which is gramatically correct usage a NGO or an NGO?

An NGO A non-governmental organization

Which is the best charity in India?

Akshaya Patra is one of the best charity in India, The AkshayaPatra Foundation is the largest School meal programme run ngo in the world. Ngo based in Bangalore feeding 1.2 million underprivileged children across India every school day.

Which one is the best ngo in India?

As i came across many Ngo in India,I am working for quite of few.I have across the Ngo name as The Kanchan Foundation is work in Navi Mumbai and all over Mumbai. is an web portal of The Kanchan Foundation works for the well being of the humanities. They work for the Children Education of the slums have done many work in bringing the Women Empowerment and Employment.

How many treees planted in India annually?

about 50000 by government 10000 by NGO in each state every year

Examples of NGO's in the Philippines?

examples of ngo

How do you firm ngo?

Yes, you just firm ngo. Firming ngo's simply the law of the land

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