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Anne Hutchinson, who was known as the most famous English woman in American history, was banished from the puritan Massachusetts BayÊColony and settled in Portsmouth, Rhode Island and later died at 52 inÊwhat is now theÊBronx, New York.

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Rhode Island is where she went when she was banished from Massachsetts

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Q: Where did Anne Hutchinson Travel to when she was forced to leave Boston?
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What settlement did anne Hutchinson?

She started the settlement of Rhode Island. She did this after she was forced to leave Boston.

Where Anne Hutchinson was forced to leave?


What colonies did Anne Hutchinson live in?

Massachusetts before she was forced to leave

What woman was forced to leave Massachusetts Bay Colony for questioning the authority of ministers?

anne hutchinson

Anne Hutchinson was put on trial for expressing her religious beliefs and was forced to leave what state?


What happened to Anne Hutchinson after she began disagreeing with Puritan beliefs?

She was forced to leave the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

What did Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams have in common provide good details in your own words?

Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams were both banished from their colonies. They were forced to leave and shunned until they did so.

Why was anne Hutchinson forced to leave the massachusetts bay colony?

The Puritan government relied on a single belief system in the colony to keep their influence and power. Anne Hutchinson and her followers did not conform to the system and threatened that power.

What settlement did anne Hutchinson start?

The colony that Roger Williams started was the Rhode Island "Sewer" Colony in 1636. Anne Hutchinson did not start a colony because after the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay colony exiled her for being a religious dissident she and her family were killed by Indian's before reaching New York.

Why did roger william and anne Hutchinson flee the massachusetts bay colony to Rhode Island?

They didn't support the New England Way, therefore they were forced to leave.

In what ways were africans forced to leave their country and travel here?

the slaves owner forced them to do what they wanted to do but the slaves didn't like what they were told them to do.

What was the belief of Anne Hutchinson who was forced to leave Massachusetts and flee to Rhode Island?

She believed that a person could worship god without help of a Church, Minister, or Bible.