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Zuzana Bodyrock's full name is actually Zuzana Light.

According the the website, she and her husband/boyfriend (Federick) currently live in NYC, but the same site also says that they split their time between the Czech Republic and Canada.

Updates: Currently, Zuzana is devoting all of her time to help people lose weight. All of her YouTube videos are viral. See related sources for more info.


She was also a adult model at some point under the stage name Suzana Spears!

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Who knows.. but she also went by "Susana Spears".

Zuzana Majorova. When she modeled in the adult industry, she was known as Susana Spears (also Zusana Spears, Susanna Spears, etc.), Susanna Miller, and under several other aliases.

Different names,different works porn ,exercise, etc BUT same girl(she have a mole on right lower back,and on right side shoulder)

names are

1.Aleska Diamond (Porn,adult straight and anal plus double penetration)

2.Susana Spears(Just Solos carrier)

3.In actionGirls

4.Zuzana Majorova

5.Susanna Miller

6.ZuzanaLight(zikak)on youtube As a fitness working erxrcises.

and many other

as the name changes also the profession nature

i love this girl

she is extraordinary

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An adult movie actor= Susana Spears. Real name Zuzana Majorová.

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Q: Who is Zuzana Bodyrock?
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