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While the US was heavily distracted from events south of the border, Mexico was planned by French leaders to become a puppet state of France. French soldiers and a puppet leader, tried to establish a "colony" of sorts in Mexico. When the US Civil War ended, troops were sent to the Mexican border and the US threatened military action unless France withdrew itself from Mexico. The puppet leader of Mexico was hung by the Mexican people.

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Q: Who occupied Mexico during the US Civil War?
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What country occupied Mexico during th American Civil War?

Mexico was occupied by France during the American Civil war.

During the civil war who occupied mexico?


During war with Mexico the us occupied this a capital city?

Mexico City.

Who was France in rebellion with during the Civil War?

Mexico. Shortly after the Civil War ended, Mexico threw the French out.

Why did you go to war with Mexico during the Civil War?

We didn't. We were in the middle of our civil war (1861-1865).

Where were the french stationed during the civil war?


Why did the U.S. not intervene when France occupied Mexico?

It was busy with its own American Civil War (1861-1865).

What did Mexico do during the Civil War?

Mexico remained neutral during the Civil War. In 1864 before the Civil War was over, Napoleon 3 of France invaded Mexico & set up a puppet empire ruled by Maximilian. After the Civil war in 1867, the Mexicans defeated the French, executed Maximilian, & made Benito Juarez the 1st President of Mexico.

What sacrifices were made by Texans during the Civil War?

Mexico! slavery.

What did the Indian's do during the Civil War?

during the civil war in New Mexico the Indians raided the towns roads and forts making it dangerous to travel.

What nation took control of Mexico during the civil war?

During the course of the US Civil War, France set up a "kingdom" in Mexico. After the war, the United States demanded that France evacuate Mexico and placed an army on the Mexican - US border.

What country was trying to gain influence in Mexico during the Civil War?


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