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Kabir Dass Ji ranks among the world's greatest poets. In India, he is perhaps the most quoted author, with the exception of Tulsidas. Kabir Dass Ji has criticized perhaps all existing sects in India, still he is mentioned with respect by even orthodox authors.

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2010-05-31 17:21:53
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Q: Who was Kabir Dass Ji?
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Contribution of kabir das ji in social welfare?

Social work of Kabir Das

Who is the guru of sant Kabirdas?

Bhagat Haridas Ji When they to Kabir ji Ram Ke Ram Kaho

Who did Guru Nanak live with?

Guru Nanak Dev Ji lived with his parents Mata Tripta Ji (mother) Mehta Kalyan Dass Ji (father) and Bibi Nanaki Ji (sister).

Who were guru nanak dev parents?

Father : Mehta Kalyan Dass (Mehta Kalu) Mother : Mata Tripta Ji

Why guru Nanak and Kabir are termed as monotheists?

Monotheism: the belief in one God as oppose to polytheism, the belief in more than one higher power. Guru Nanak Dev ji was the founder of Sikhism, a monotheist religion. Bhagat Kabir ji was a Muslim, one who belonged to Islam which is also a monotheist religion.

Who was father of kabir das ji?

No father no mother beacause kàßir is supreme GOD No any children / True Knowledge about Supreme God Kabir Sahib from our Holy Scriptures i.e. Vedas, Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Purans, Bible, Quran Sharif, Shri Guru Granth Sahib, Bani of Garib Das Ji Maharaj and Kabir Sahib's Bani Call or sms to free book /at home :: 09992600806/09992600806

Kabir sahib is puran god?

all vedas, puarn ,quran sharif ,bible,bhagvad gita say that kabir sahib is puran parmatma. for more information visit us : jagat guru rampal ji maharaj

Who wrote the guru granth sahib?

As Guru gobind singh Ji uttered the Hymns , Bhai Mani Singh performed the work of inscribing. While GurU granth sahib g contains the bani of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Guru Angad Dev Ji Guru Amar Das Ji Guru Ramdas Ji Guru Arjan Dev Ji Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji and some other bhakts like( kabir g,farid g, etc)

Is ram dass still alive?

Ram Dass is alive.

When was Petter Dass born?

Petter Dass was born in 1647.

When did Petter Dass die?

Petter Dass died in 1707.

What does the German word dass mean in English?

dass means 'that.'

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