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Q: Can I buy a recording of Lula Bye Bye?
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What are the lyrics to the lullaby lula lula bye?

Lula lula lula lula bye bye, do you want to moon to play with, and the stars to run away with? They'll be yours if you don't cry. Lula lula lula lula bye bye, to your mommies arms come creeping, and soon you'll be a sleeping singing, lula lula lula lula bye.

Where did the lullabye Lula Lula Lula Lula Bye bye come from?

vera Lynn sang it during the second world war

What old time film was this from Lula lula bye bye does you want the moon to play with?

Big Fella with Paul Robeson 1937 & the song is called My Curly Headed Baby

When was Buy Bye Beauty created?

Buy Bye Beauty was created in 2001.

What is the duration of Buy Bye Beauty?

The duration of Buy Bye Beauty is 1.4 hours.

Can you give a sentence with by buy and bye?

bye I'm going to buy a book by Shakespeare

Is buy and bye synonyms?

"Bye" and "buy" are not synonyms. Synonyms are two words that have similar meanings such as "buy" and "purchase." The two words "buy" and "bye" are homonyms -- two words that sound alike.

What is the homophone for buy?

"By" and "bye" are homonyms for "buy."

Did Elvis record Be Bop a Lula?

Nope. I've searched all over the internet, and all I can find is a phony recording that is actually a duet by Jerry Lee Lewis and an Elvis impersonator named Orion. I see no evidence that Elvis ever recorded a proper version of 'Be-Bop-A-Lula'. Wikipedia has a HUGE list of all the songs recorded by Elvis Presley and 'Be-Bop-A-Lula' ain't on it.

Homonym for by?


What is the homophone for bye?

By and Buy

What is a homophone for buy?

Bye. By..?