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Karaoke machines can be easily sold on websites such as Craigslist or kijiji. It is a much safer and easier option to sell items locally instead of using print media.

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Q: Does anyone know a place that I could sell my karaoke machine for a reasonable price?
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I am looking for a Craig karaoke CG-8225 Manual. Does anyone know where I can download a copy?

Yes, I need the Manual for the 2003 Craig Karaoke machine. How can I purchase one?

Can I get a wireless keyboard to use with a Karaoke machine?

Not really but you could use any electronic keyboard with a kereoke keyboard machine.

How do you run a karaoke business?

By karaoke business, do you mean by charging for songs with a machine at the open air/big hall or doyou mean to open a karaoke club with several separate rooms? Whatever it is, you could go to Unify company, they have solution for all karaoke business.

Where can you buy a karaoke machine?

If you mean the machine that can play karaoke songs, you could refer to Unify company, they have a lot of karaoke players and karaoke machine. You can place order online and they will send the cargo to you directly. it's really convenient and the machines are of good quality. Have a try!

My dream is to be a singer and I think I'm pretty but I'm super shy I don't sing in front of anyone any tips on how I can be a better singer and ways I could sing in front of people?

You don't have to be pretty to be a singer. If you are shy then start out by practicing in the mirror. Get a karaoke machine and use that to practice with family and friends. If there is public karaoke then that would be a good place to get some practice in too.

Which products can you use to play free karaoke?

If someone were interested in playing free karaoke they could check into pre made karaoke jukeboxes from such places as eBay or Amazon to get their karaoke fix.

How can you sing karaoke from your computer?

You can use Sing Snap website to sing karaoke using your computer. Sing On is another popular karaoke website. You could also search YouTube for karaoke versions of songs and sing along with it.

What are some ideas for decorations for a karaoke party?

The main decoration will be the karaoke machine, but if one wanted some additional decorating ideas or theme ideas, Pinterest is a wonderful resource for party planning and decorating or one could certainly ask around amongst friends for ideas and input for the party decorations.

Where can I search for local karaoke bars?

Through a site called "" you could find local karaoke bars. They have a database of karaoke bars for all fifty states of the United States.

How do you make your laptop a karaoke?

i dont think that its even possible sorry all though you could have karaoke on your laptop like from myspace or something that you download

Where could one buy karaoke DVDs?

One can easily find and purchase karaoke DVD's from the local music or video store in the area. However, one may also successfully find karaoke DVD's on Amazon.

Is there a karaoke version of this is you from camp rock?

You could prob get it on youtube but it's called This is me!