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The screws around them adjust the height of them on most Guitars.

The closer to the strings, the more the pickup resonates the strings vibration. The further away from the strings, the less the pickup can resonates the strings vibration. If you have one pickup sounding louder than the other, move a pickup closer or further away from the strings to produce a better volume balance of the pickups.

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Q: How do you adjust electric guitar pickups?
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Can you convert an acquistic guitar in to an electric?

Well, you can install one of several different kinds of pickups in an acoustic guitar, and then you'll have an acoustic-electric. Passive pickups, like piezo-electric pickups, just sense the vibration of the body of the guitar and sound more natural. Magnetic pickups, like most "soundhole" pickups, are built more like electric-guitar pickups and sense the string vibration. They tend to sound like hollow-body electric guitars. You can mount a standard electric pickup, tone controls, etc. into an acoustic guitar, of course... Some of the earliest "electrics" were made that way.

What part of the electric guitar produces its sound?

the pickups , they are like the ear of the guitar , they send the information from when you strike the strings outside the guitar and into an amplifier. There is a reason they call them "pickups".

What does a bass pickup sound like on an electric guitar?

Probably about the same, actually. The technology for bass guitar pickups and electric guitar pickups are very similar, with only slight differences. Still, you're going to sound better on a guitar with a guitar pickup.

What are the basic parts on the electric guitar?

The basic parts of an electric guitar are as follows: neck, bridge, fretboard, body and the pickups.

What does the switch on a guitar do?

The "switch" on an electric guitar generally switches between the pickups, for different sounds.

What are pickups that are on electric guitar?

They are like the ears of the electric guitar when it is plugged in. All the vibrations caused by you playing the strings make the sound.

Does the electric guitar and the acoustic guitar have the same notes?

Yes, the only difference is the way they make sound, which is done by the body on an acoustic guitar and by magnetic pickups on the electric.

Can you convert an acoustic guitar into an electric-acoustic guitar?

Yes, Fishman makes all kinds of pickups that you can use with an acoustic guitar.

What was the first electric guitar?

The first electric guitar with "pickups" was the Rickenbacker. It was developed by Adolph Rickenbacker and George Beauchamp in the 1930's.The Les Paul

What guitar does mark farner use now?

He uses a custom Parker Fly guitar made exclusively for him. It has regular pickups and piezo-electric pickups, and is very versatile and light.

Would it be a good idea to make an acoustic guitar an electric by adding pickups?

I would just say let the acoustic guitar be, and buy a hollow-body electric guitar.

What do the pickups of an electric guitar do?

they turn the vibrations from the strings into sound out of the amplifier, their like ears.

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