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Its very simple to bypass the parking brake on Kenwoods. All the parking brake wire is is a ground wire. So, all you need to do is take the parking brake wire and either ground it or join it to the ground wire on the harness by soldering or whatever you wanna do.

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Q: How do you bypass e brake on kenwood radio?
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How do you bypass e brake on kenwood KVT-512?

Ground the green wire on the harness.

How do you bypass the e brake with the vz409?

Just ground the wire.

How do you bypass e brake on Jensen vm9214 in dash dvd?

The parking brake interlock on video players in cars is an important safety feature and should not be disabled.

How do I Bypass e-brake for pioneer avh p5100dvd?

Hello. Bypassing a parking brake on a Pioneer radio requires an interface. You can not just ground the parking brake wire or put in a code... people that tell you this are wrong. The least expensive, smallest, and best quality i have found are on I am an installer and i use these all the time. The company also sells them on Ebay too.

How do you bypass the e brake for the Jensen vm9312hd in dash DVD?

nothings special is needed. Just attach to pink wire to any ground

Where do you ground the wire to bypass the e-brake on Pioneer Avic Headunits?

you can ground it to any metal on the car I bought a Pioneer AVIC-D3 bypass guide from If you want I can upload the avic d3 bypass guide I bought. It includes color pictures and ALL instructions. Can you e-mail it to me

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So far (Nov. 2009) Dual has not released the permanent code for the 9101. The only thing you can do right now it the e-brake or a toggle switch. Happy motoring.

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Electronic brake. Like the hand brake which has a physical cable that you pull tight, the e-brake locks the rear wheels.

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