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List of female artist who has won the most GRAMMY Awards ever ...

1.Alison Krauss - 27

2.Aretha Franklin - 18

3.Beyonce- 16

4.Ella Fitzgerald - 13

5.Alicia Keys/ Emmy Lou Harris- 12

6.Chaka Khan / Linda Ronstadt- 10

7.Mary J. Blige/ Sheryl Crow/ Norah Jones- 9

8.Madonna- 7

9.Whitney- 6

10.Celine Dion / Mariah Carey- 5

* Beyonce Knowles breaks record 2010 for "a female won the most awards in one single night in Grammys' history".

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Alison Krauss with 27Leontyne Price has won 19 grammys surpassing Aretha Franklin

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adele , Rihanna , beyonce , Lady Gaga but Cher Lloyd is predicted to enter the top 4 in a couple years

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Through the 2012 Grammys, country artist Alison Krauss has won a whopping 27 awards.

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Q: What female singer has won the most Grammy Awards?
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Which male singer has won the most Grammy Awards?

Stevie wonder

How many Grammy's has Beyonce won over the past years?

From February 2010, Beyonce has reportedly won 16 Grammy awards in total, setting the record for the most Grammy awards won by a female artist!

Who won 6 Grammy's at the 2010 Grammy Awards?

Beyonce did, setting a new record for the most number of Grammy's won by a female solo artist in one night.

What are some of Selena quintanilla awards?

One of her most famous awards was at the 36th Grammy Awards held in 1994 and it was for the Best Mexican-American Album of the year. A huge majority of her awards were from the Tejano Music Awards and were usually best female singer of the year, best female entertainer of the year, best band of the year, and best song of the year.

What singer won the most Grammy Awards in 2012?

Adele and Beyonce. They both tied with six Grammys each.

Who won best female singer for kids choice awards?

In 2011 was Selena Gomez. That was the most recent KCA. (Kids Choice Awards)

What kind of award do singers earn?

There are a variety of awards that singers can earn, and some can depend on the genre or the location of the singer. The most well-known award that American singer can receive would be the Grammy award.

What was Alberto Cortez most famous for?

Alberto Cortez is most famous for being an Argentine singer and songwriter. He was born March 11, 1940 and has been nominated for several Grammy awards.

Who has the most Grammy Awards?

Sir Georg Solti had the most grammys in a lifetime.

How many awards did Selena Quintanilla win in her whole career?

Numerous. The majority were through the Tejano Music Awards. One of her most known awards was the Grammy Award for Best Mexican-American Album of the year at the 36th Grammy Awards in 1994

Is Taylor Swift the most awesome singer ever?

She is a very talented young woman. She won female vocalist of 2009 Choice Awards and plenty of other awards.

Who have the most Grammy Awards?

Alica keys beyonc jay-z