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Calle 13 - No Hay Nadie Como Tu

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Q: What is the song on an MTV commercial promoting a new song with a girl singing and it sounds a bit spanish?
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Who is singing Night and Day in the newest Honda commercial?

It sounds like Muse.

Who is the artist singing the free credit report commercial?

I'm not sure but it sounds like Weird Al

What the name of the song is playing on the commercial for the breakout kings?

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running up that hill, by placebo (originally by kate bush)

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Puddi Puddi is a misunderstood lyric from a Japanese TV commercial. It is a commercial for a type of pudding, and though the lyrics they are singing are 'Purin Purin', it sounds like 'puddi' and is simply the word 'pudding' imported and re-written in Japanese orthography.

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I believe it is Buckcherry.No...sounds more like Jackyl. Whoever is singing I know its not Buckcherry

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