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The Beatles formed in 1959, and were first called the Silver Beatles. ..Back then , the band's stage names were: Paul Ramon (Paul McCartney), Johnny Silver (John Lennon), Stu de Stijl (Stuart Sutcliffe), Carl Harrison (George Harrison), and Thomas Moore. ...According to the book, "The Beatles: An Illustrated Record" by Roy Carr and Tony Tyler, "The drummer problem was at this stage solved by Peter Best, introverted son of Mrs. Best, owner of the Casbah club, being recruited into the group. ..They had all known Best for some time; the Quarrymen had actually opened the Casbah in the first place, and it had later been one of their regular engagements (at fifteen shilling a night). ..Pete, encouraged by his mother to take an interest in running the club, had also acquired a drum kit. ..When the Silver Beatles came back from Scotland --goodbye to Thomas Moore, who thus disappears from our history -- they were almost immediately offered a residency in Hamburg (Germany), the first of the five famous residencies in that city which were to teach them the endurance and on-stage extro-version which later played such a large part in their impact." Later in life , John Lennon wrote a massage that read, "Please tell our pals Roy Carr and Tony Tyler that unlike wot is writ in their Beatle book, I was never...Repeat never known known as Johnny Silver. I always preferred my own name. See enclosed rare item from the files..(possibly the first review of Beatles ever). Set the (Illustrated)* Recored straight... Or forever hold your penis! ..there was one occasion when a guy introduced me as Long John and the the days of old when they didn't like the word Beatles!! I'm actually serious about gets on my Tits!" (signed bonny Jock Lennon). ...The book continues to say, "Hamburg's Indra Club required a group with a drummer; Best was found suitable. ..Off they drove, having their pictures taken at Arnhem War Cemetary on the way. ..The Indra proved a scruffy establishment, but the local hoodlums delighted in wild on-stage antics, and the aloof stage personas of the Silver Beatles vanished with the need to 'Make Schau', as the club-owner demanded. ...The story has been told of how John and Pete Best set fire to the wallpaper in their dingy accomodation (which actually seems a perfectly reasonable action under the circumstances). ..Lennon later confessed that they'd also once tried to 'roll' a drunken English sailor, but had been overcome with self-contempt, abandoning the project. ..For the wall incident John and Pete were deported, one day after George was similarly 'asked to leave' because of his age (seventeen), below the minimum (eighteen) required by West German law for performance in bars and clubs. ...They returned to Liverpool already a much better band. ..Eight hours on stage - with a further four on standby - reinforces both inventiveness and stamina, and their voices were already rawer and cruder from the strain. ..In their absence, the Casbah had mushroomed in popularity, and the Beatles - as they now were - played many dates there, gaining new fans. ..They also played several of Liverpool's more prestigious venues: Litherland Town Hall saw their most successful Liverpool concert to date, and they shortly began gigging at the famous Cavern Club, a Dixieland haven originally designed as a warehouse and open throughout the 'fifties for trad jazz nights. ...From the Cavern back to Hamburg and the appearance of the Beatles haircut; the departure of Stu Sutcliffe, and their first recording - under the aegis of Bert Kaempfert - as backing musicians for Tony Sheridan. ...The origin of the haircuts are unclear. ..Some say they came about as a diect result of the influence of Astrid Kirchherr and her circle of friends, which included Klaus Voorman. ..Oddly enough, a similar hairstyle was being adopted at the time throughout Liverpool Art College, where it was - deprecatingly - known as a 'Julius Caesar'. ...Shortly after the group arrived in Hamburg to take up the engagement, Stu informed the others that he'd decided to leave - to remain in Hamburg with Astrid and study painting. ..They agreed, sinced Paul was already a much better player and would be more economically employed on bass than on second lead-guitar. ..They finished their residency and returned to Liverpool. .. Nine months after they did so, Sutcliffe collapsed and died of a brain haemorrhage. "

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The predecessor band to The Beatles was formed in 1957, briefly as the Black Jacks and a number of other names of which The Quarrymen is the most well-known. They were renamed the Beatles in 1960. They formed a band for the simple reason that they liked playing music. Note that the Quarrymen were formed before John had met any of Paul, George or Ringo.

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1963 Liverpool england

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Q: What year did they form and where did The Beatles come from?
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