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The first red flag here is when you used the world "abusive". As hard as it is to take...abusive partners do not care. They may say they care and act as though they care at certain times, but in all reality someone who abuses you cannot truly care about you. As far as the fact he comes back to you...abusive partners need to feel in control. When you finally get the guts to tell them it's over they will act as though they don't care, but in all reality they feel like they are losing control of you. They may give you the silent treatment for awhile, but end up running back to you saying "I will change" or "we can work on this". Things will not change. Get out while you can...I did.

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Q: Why does an abusive partner act like he doesn't care if you break up as he sees you as pathetic but then he comes running back after you break up?
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