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That depends on your perspective, but they have been very influential in the music world. Green Day set the pace for many bands that would follow, includint Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Blink-182. Avril Lavigne and Ashlee Simpson have cited Green Day as influences. Sebastian Lefebvre of Simple Plan has said that he learned to play the guitar by watching Billie Joe in Music Videos and live. More recently (although still a few years ago), Green Day were identified as "single-handedly keeping rock 'n roll alive." Green Day has made quite a mark on the music world so far, and they still have plenty of years left to keep making their own difference on the world.

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they are a legend and they are the idols of many other popular bands

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it hasn't :P

well i wouldn't say it hasn't, it's had it's negative effects haha

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Green Day is important for us because their songs tell stories about real life and real problems that are happening in the world today.

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Q: Why green day is important for us?
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