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It can be any of a number of problems. Possiblities are: Oxygen sensor, air filter, fuel filter, plugs, wires, rotor, distributor cap, throttle position sensor, MAP sensor, carburater, compression... and who knows what else without knowing more of the symptoms. If the vehicle is injected, it probably has a computer diagnostic port. If that's the case, borrow, rent or buy a code scanner and use it to find out exactly what the computer has detected. egr valve i just went through the same issue

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2008-01-12 02:27:55
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Q: Your 305 engine starts but wont idle and you must keep pushing the gas to keep it the engine running as soon as you let off it dies what is the problem?
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What if the EST light check engine light comes on and the car starts running rough and when you step on the gas the car starts to pop though the throttle body How do fixed this problem?

check your camshaft sencor and your crankshaft sencor.

98 z71 starts and runs very rough then slams into gear and dies what could cause this?

I have to guess at a few things but.. I am guessing because the engine has serious problem with how it is running the engine computer has increased the idle speed very high to try and keep it running. If this is the case putting it into gear will bang very hard and drop the engine speed to below what the engine control computer can keep it running. So it quits. Get the engine fixed.

Engine starts to overheat with AC running 2001 kia sportage at stop?

Be sure the cooling fans are functioning when the ac is running.

What is the problem when engine 4jg2 start after time it stop?

When the engine 4jg2 starts then its stops it is due to a mechanical failure.

Why does the engine stop running and after cooling the pump the engine starts running?

Many engines have an automatic shut off when the engine becomes too hot. Once the engine cools down it may also be equipped with an automatic startup.

Engine starts and runs for a few seconds and then stops this keeps happening and engine won't keep running What is wrong?

Fuel pump

Why does my mercury villager make a loud noise when accelerating that stops when you take your foot off the pedal?

If this is a general noise, it could be the transaxle. When you are accelerating, the engine is pushing the gears, and when you let go of the pedal, the vehicle starts to shift back down. If this is an engine noise, it could be predetonation or a valve problem.

Your 1984 Olds Delta 88 starts only if you pump the gas and keeps the engine running if you pump the gas but shuts off on idleh How can you fix this problem?

Carb.? May need to be re-built or replaced

When try to start your Suburban it takes three or four times pushing on the gas then it starts what could be the problem?

Need to check fuel pressure and fuel filter first. I think you will find your problem there.

What could be the problem when engine starts and runs when given gas but stalls at idle?

vacuum leak?

Your engine management light has come on on your vectra it is staying on your car starts and runs but jolts alotand isn't running smoothly and sometimes cuts out?

You may have a faulty engine light. Or, you may have a serious problem with your car. You should take your car to a local mechanic for diagnostics.

How can i fix my Astra's cold running I warm the engine up in a traffic jam and its show's temperature is normal a but when running the engine cools down and the engine starts to stutter What can i do?

Sounds like you have a faulty thermostat. Its nothing expensive on hard to replace.

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