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Only if you want to damage it.

"277" Volt 3-phase will usually mean 277 from each phase to neutral, and 480 from phase to phase.

By "230 3-phase", you likely mean 120 phase-to-neutral, and 208 phase-to-phase.

If you really mean 230, then you are probably NOT talking about a three phase motor.

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2008-08-11 19:51:07
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Q: Can a 230 volt 3 phase motor be connected to a 277 volt 3 phase circuit?
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Can a 230 - 460 volt 3 phase motor be connected to a 277 - 480 volt 3 phase circuit?


Can a 230 460 volt 3 phase motor be connected to a 277 480 volt 3 phase circuit?

Yes but the connection has to be to the 480 volt windings. Applying 277 volts to the 230 volt windings will damage the motor.

Can a 230-460 volt motor be connected to a 120-208 volt circuit?

It *can* be, but it won't work.

How do you connect a volt to a circuit?

A volt can not be connected to a circuit.

Can a 220 volt 3 phase motor be connected to a 208 3phase curcit?


What is the result of running a 480 volt 3 phase 60hz motor with 415 volt 3 phase motor?

If they are in different rooms or side by side in the same room, and not connected together mechanically, there should not be a problem.

How can you run 415 volt 3 phase motor with 220 volt 3 phase?

no. it clearly needs a 415 volt 3 phase motor.

In a 240 volt single phase circuit A phase is 4000 watts B phase is 7000 watts what is the neutral load?

Question is incorrect. in a 240 Volt single phase circuit, how can you have A phase and B phase?

Can two phase legs on a three phase system be used for single phase load?

The wire can be used for dc or any number of phases provided it's thick enough to take the current you need. <<>> Any two legs of a three phase system can be classed a single phase. As long as the voltage required by the load is supplied by the supply it can be connected. A perfect example of this is on a 120/208 volt supply. This is a three phase supply allowing three phase 208 volt motor to be connected to it and also by using any two legs of the supply, a single phase 208 volt motor can also be connected.

Will a 208 volt 3 phase generator supply operate a 230 volt 3 phase motor?

Yes, but the motor's horsepower rating will not be reached.

Acceptable voltage drop for 3 phase 415 volt motor?

The voltage drop should not exceed 3% on a feeder or branch circuit.

How do you change a 3 phase 440 volt motor to a 3 phase 220 volt motor?

You can not change it. 440 volt is by design. However you run it with 220 single phase supply, but it would run far lower power.

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