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-- To get the earth weight, multiply the moon weight by 6.08 .

An astronaut who weighs 27 pounds on the moon weighs 164.1 pounds on earth.

-- To get the moon weight, multiply the earth weight by 0.165 .

His wife, who weighs 115 pounds on earth, would weigh 19 pounds on the moon.

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Q: How do you work out how much a astront that weighs 27 pounds on the moon how much does he weigh on earth?
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How much does a astronaut weigh on earth if it weighs 27 pounds on the moon?

162 pounds on Earth.

How much does an astronaut weigh on earth if it weighs 27 pounds on the moon?

About 162 pounds on Earth.

If a person weighs 65 pounds on earth then how much does he weigh?

65 pounds!

Terry weighs 2016 ounces on earth how much does she weigh on the moon?

If Terry weighs 2016-ounces on Earth, she weighs 126-pounds. A 126-pound person would weigh 20.916-pounds on the moon. If Terry were on the sun, she would weigh 3411.072-pounds.

How much would a 150 pound man weigh on mars?

a person who weighs 150 pounds on earth would weigh 56.5 pounds on Mars. How much would a child who weighs 60 pounds on earth weigh on

If something weighs 10 lbs on Earth what do they weigh on the moon?

An object that weighs 10 pounds on earth would weigh about 1lb 10oz on the moon.

How much does 100kg weigh?

That depends on where it is. For example . . . -- On Earth, it weighs 220.46 pounds -- On the moon, it weighs 36.485 pounds . . . etc.

How much would a 9 pound person on the moon weigh on earth?

An object that weighs 9 pounds on the moonwould weigh 55.1 pounds on earth.

What the weight of an object on Uranus if it weighs 100 pounds on earth?

The gravity of Uranus is about 0.86 that of Earth. This means an object that weighs 100 pounds on Earth would weigh 86 pounds on Uranus.

If a student weighs 90 pounds on earth how much would he weigh on Pluto?

54 pounds

How much would a person that weighs 200 pounds on earth weigh on the moon?

33.2 pounds

How many would a person who weighs 200 pounds on earth weigh on the moon?

34 pounds.

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