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Potassium gates open

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Q: What cell gates open immediately after action potential peak?
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When does the action potential cause the sacroplasmic reticulum to release calcium ions?

The action potential spreading along the muscle cell causes calcium gates in the sarcoplasmic reticulum to open and to release calcium ions almost immediately.

Where is the hillock of the neuron?

The nerve cell hillock is the beginning of the axon immediately after the soma. This is where the action potential originates.

Immediately after an action potential is propagated what ion rapidly diffuses out of the cell into the tissue fluid?

Potassium ions

Immediately after a action potential has peaked which cell gate opens?

sodium channels close and potassium channels open

Generation of Action Potential?

There are 8 steps in the action of potential. They are resting potential, the sodium activates and opens, sodium enters the cell, sodium activation gate closes, potassium leaves the cell, sodium activation gates close, potassium moves further, and the potassium activation gate closes.

Why does the action potential only move away from the cell body?

The areas that have had the action potential are refractory to a new action potential.

What is the electric potential of a cell membrane called?

action potential

What cell that generates action potential?


Which cell conducts an action potential?


What does the cell membrane act as?

action potential

When the electrical potential in a cell is in action versus a resting state the electrical charge reversal?

Action Potential

What initiates an action potential on a muscle cell?


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