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That point is about 165-ft east of Cantiague Rock Road and about 550-ft north

of West John Street, along the north edge of the parking lot that serves the

building that includes Hercules, Joseph Aletto Transfer, Watchdog Patrols, and

Gold Leaf Security, in Hicksville NY.

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Q: What city is 46 degrees north and 74 degrees west?
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The city located at 46 degrees north and 112 degrees west is Boise, the capital city of Idaho in the United States.

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Bismarck is the capital city of North Dakota. Bismarck is located at 46°48′48″N 100°46′44″W.

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1102.78 miles or 1774.76 kilometers

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the latitude of Miami Florida is 25 degrees 46' 16" north the longitude is 80 degrees 13'27" west