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HBr has a lower melting point of -86.8 degrees C. HF has a melting point of -83 degrees C.

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Q: Which has a lower melting point HFor HBr?
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Does HCl has a higher or lower boiling point than HBr?

HCl has a lower boiling point than HBr.

What has high melting point HCL HBr H2O Br2?


What is the boiling and melting point of HBR?

Hydrobromic Acid (HBr) Melting point: -11 °C (47-49% w/w aq.) Boiling point: 122 °C at 700 mmHg (47-49% w/w aq.)

Is Hbr an ionic compound?

Hydrogen bromide is covalent. Pure HBr has a melting point of -114.20C and a boiling point of -85.10C. The molecule has a dipole moment which is due to the poalr nature of the chemical bond. In water HBr is a strong acid, hydrobromic acid, and is pretty well completely dissocaiated.

Which has the highest boiling point H2 or HBr?

HBr is has a higher boiling point

Does HCl a lower boiling point than either HF or HBr?

Yes, it is true: -85,1 0C at 1, 013 bar.

Which has the higher boiling point br2 or hbr?


Why boiling point of HBr is higher than HCl?

HBr and HCl are both polar have similar dipole-dipople forces. This can be determined by looking at their electronegativities. Now, you need to determine their London Dispersion Forces- HBr is bigger than HCl (it is lower on the periodic table), so it has much more dispersion force.

Which has a higher Boiling point of HBr or HF or HCl?

The boiling point of hydrogen flouride (HF) is the highest at 19.5oC. The boiling point of hydrogen bromide (HBr) -66.38oC and the boiling point of hydrogen chloride (HCl) is -85.1oC.

Which is least polar HF HBr HCl or Hbr?


Is a chemical composition and chemical properties the same thing?

No. Chemical composition is "What is this substance made of". Chemical Properties are "How does this substance react when I do XYZ to it". Examples of Composition are Cl_2, HBr, CH_4, C_2H_6 Examples of Properties are Boiling Point, Melting Point, Electronegativity, Reactivity, Valence Electrons.

Write the expression for Ka for the dissociation of HBr?

Ka={ [H+] [Br-] }/ [HBr] Which turns into Ka= x2/ ([HBr] - x) [HBr] = initial concentration of HBr

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