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In common house wiring, black is the power wire, white is the neutral, and green is the ground wire.

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2007-07-09 21:41:23
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Q: Which wires go where when putting a power cord on a 120V compressor motor?
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1989 dodge b150 compressor wiring their are two wires?

Power and ground

Will splicing a 3 wire 240 volt compressor with a 4 wire 240 volt male end damage compressor motor?

It could if you don't get the terminals and motor wires on the correct terminals.

How many wires are used to power a conventional dc motor?

three wires

What is a compressor contactor?

it is the switch turns the compressor on and off if you look in your unit follow the power wires from disconnect the should go straight to the contactor

How do you test a power window motor?

Disconnect wires from motor and check to see if you have power and ground going to motor--if so motor is bad if not have to check wiring and switch to that motor

How many wires is used to power conventional dc motor?


Show how to wire a three phase 480v motor?

Connect the three wires that come out of the motor to the three supply wires that come from the magnetic contactor. Turn the power on and push the start button. If the motor turns the wrong way, shut the power off and change any two wires in the motor junction box.

What could be wrong with 1991 Continental when no air will blow and the Fuse and blower motor are good?

There is no power go to the motor. Test the wires to see if there is power to it.

Why would a 2001 Ford Explorer AC blow hot air but full of freon?

Mabe your compressor is not kicking on for some reason. Check to see if the front of your compressor starts spinning when you turn it on. If it don't check to see if there is power to the wires that go to your compressor. If there is power you have a bad compressor. If there is not check the fuses or relays.

Diagram for 83 Oldsmobile 98?

the compressor was working and now it has stopped, the clutch spins free but when i put my tester to the wires that connect to the compressor there is no power and the clutch dose not jump on can you help.

How to determine why the rear wiper does not work in 1996 Laredo?

Use a test light on the wires just before the motor to test for power if no power you can test for power at the switch/// you can test the motor by runing power from the battery.

Does the three wire live neutral and earth that run from the aircond unit to the compressor carry current?

All of the 3 wires connected to the compressor motor terminals will carry current while it is running. Depending on the method the mfr uses to cycle the compressor (breaking one or both power legs) some of the wires may remain `Hot` while it is off. A wiring diagram specific to the unit in question will answer that. By earth I assume you mean the ground or green wire, that wire is never intentionally powered.

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