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it because m2 plus ions have two valence electrons in two shells instead of one

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2011-09-13 19:05:09
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Q: Why are the M2 plus ions common for transition elements?
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There are two elements in the transition metal series rm Sc through rm Zn that have four unpaired electrons in their 2 plus ions?

Cr and Fe have four unpaired electrons in their 2 plus ions.

Ions with a 2 plus charge?

two elements with ions with a 2 plus charge are Sulfurand Oxygen

Why Mn2 plus ion show maximum paramagnetic character amongst the bivalent ions of first transition series?

Manganese is a chemical element, designated by the symbol Mn. It has the atomic number 25.Paramagnetism in the transition elements is caused by the presence of unpaired electrons in the d sub-orbital, and results in these elements being attracted by a magnetic field.Thats why mn show maxium paramagnetic character among ions of first transition elements.

What transition metal has 24 electrons and plus 3 ions?


What typically form ions with a plus 2 charge?

The elements that are in group 2 of the Periodic Table, namely Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba and Ra. Some other transition metals will form +2 ions, such as Cu, Zn, Fe, etc.

What elements have ions with a plus 4 charge?

Manganese IV

Using the periodic chart indicate the most common charge of elements Type the correct answer then press Enter Include plus or negative where necessary?

The most common charges for elements in their ionic form and polyatomic ions is a range. The charges commonly range from -3 to +3.

List three elements that plus 1 ions?

Lithium(Li), Sodium(Na) and Potassium(k) all form +1 ions. But all elements in the first vertical column in the periodic table are capable of forming +1 ions.

What group of the periodic table will form ions with a plus 2 charge?

Generally group 2 elements.

Which family of elements always form ions with an plus 2 charge?

Alkali Earth Metals. Or in other words, the second group.

What are spectator ions in Na plus plus OH- plus Cl- H2O plus Na plus plus Cl?

Na+ and Cl- are spectator ions.

Ca2 plus ions separate from Mg2 plus ions?

they cannot bond together, they are separate .

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