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A fox needs to be in an ecosystem including grass because they need it to survive, they need it for shelter!

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Q: Why would a fox need grass?
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Why does a fox need to be in an ecosystem that inclued grass?

A fox needs to be in an grass area because he needs a shelter to survive. He also needs rabbits to feed on to survive.

What would you call a picture of a fox lying in the grass?


Fox food chain?

so a simple one would be fox eats rabits and insect and they eat grass or fox eats bird wich eats rabbit which eats grass

Why does a fox need to be in an ecosystem that includes grass?

Because foxes are carnivores they generally prey on small rodents such as mice, rabbits, squirrels, moles, etc. A lot of these small rodents live on a diet comprised mainly of grass. Without grass there would not be many of these rodents and therefore, hardly anything for the fox to eat.

How do the sun a fox a rabbit and the grass connect?

the sun feeds the grass, the grass feeds the rabbit, and the rabbit feeds the fox. Simple, yes?

What area of grass would you need to support a pony?

monkey grass

Why is there less energy available to the fox than the rabbit in the grass rabbit fox food chain?

There is more grass than rabbits.

What were the natural resources the fox tribe?

some resouces for fox tribes is trees and grass

What type of plants do fox eat?

Grass and Fungi

What are examples of plants and animals?

fox dear and grass

How can energy in the food that a fox eats be traced back to the sun?

Well, the fox is likely to have eaten a rabbit and the rabbit will have probably eaten some grass. The sun will have given the grass energy to grow. So, the fox has eaten the rabbit and the grass (which has got its energy from the sun).

What is the red fox food chain?

the red fox will eat about anything but lets go with rabbits the fox eats the rabbit the rabbit eats grass an the grass gets energy from th sun.

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