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Short circuit blowing fuse or breaker.

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Q: Will short circuit wasting energy
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What are facts about wasting energy?

Driving short distances when you could walk is a really common energy waster!!!!!!!

If a lamp is off but still plugged in is it wasting energy?

No it is not wasting any energy

What is the difference between rated short circuit duration 3 seconds and 1 second circuit breaker?

The energy dissipated.

What is the problem with wasting energy?

The problem with wasting energy is that gradually over time, if we carry on wasting energy it will eventually increase Global Warming dramatically, and we won't have any sources of non renewable energy left.

When is short circuit happens?

A short circuit happens when there is no resistance in the circuit.

When you will get to know that short circuit will happen?

1. That if a short circuit occurs we will get a sign before short circuit will happen or not ? 2. what we can do ? 3. how fuse can get a short circuit ? 4. which wires we have to use from preventing short circuit ?

A long term affect for wasting energy?

if your wasting energy then that energy cant be used again until it has been reproduced, and that takes a very long time

What happens in a short circuit occurs in an electric circuit?

When a short circuit occurs the circuit overheats. Short circuits often result in home fires.

How will an electrical circuit behave if there is an open circuit?

The circuit is incomplete, you will have no continuity, no flow of current to the load or other components. The voltage across every component in the circuit is zero. No part of the circuit stores or dissipates any energy. In short, the circuit doesn't work.

Is a megohm a short circuit?

No. A short circuit would be zero ohms.

What are approximations of open circuit and short circuit tests?

open circuit has infinite resistance short circuit has no resistance at all

Why do you need to conserve electricity?

Using too much energy and wasting energy harms the environment and can use up vital natural resources that are in short supply. By conserving electricity, people are saving energy and helping the environment.

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