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In Athens women had no rights. In Sparta women had lots of rights

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Q: How were the roles of women different in Athens and Sparta?
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Who gave women the most freedom Athens or Sparta?

Well in Sparta, women didnt have much rights but had more freedom than women in Athens so you can say Sparta

Who had the better role for women and children Athens or Sparta?


Did Athens or Sparta limit women in politics?

Athens limited women in politics

What was the social of women of Sparta and Athens?

The social status of women in Sparta were to produce healthy sons for the army. The social status of women in Athens women had no share in public life.

How was the society of women at Sparta and Athens?

Athens was specialized in intelligence and Sparta was tough. Women were taught how to throw darts, and run. Athenian women stayed ar home.

What rights did women in Athens and Sparta have?


How was life in Sparta different from Athens for woman?

The women were free and part of civic life. In Athens women were kept in virtual purdah, running the home and raising children.

Did women have very few rights in Sparta or Athens?

Very few in Athens.

Did Athens or Sparta have women who did not participate in public life?

I believe it was Sparta that did not have women participate in public life.

What did women do in Athens?

Most likely women did not have jobs in Athens. Only in Sparta were women allowed to have jobs, most of were owning shops.

What are some of the similar and different views of the on woman in Athens and Sparta?

In Athens women were kept at home in virtual purdah, having and raising children and running the household, getting out only for the odd women's religious festival. In Sparta women had considerable freedom, participating in sports and social and cultural activities.

Is women and men raised for toughness a charcteristic os Athens Sparta or both?

only sparta.